Maple Class

Welcome to Maple Class

Our Class teacher is Mrs McKenzie and our teaching assistant is Mrs Wright.



Term 1

Welcome to Year 5. We hope you all had a great summer break and are ready for the new school year!

In English this term we will be focusing on Ancient Greek Myths and Legends. We will be using a range of texts with a particular focus on the structure of sentences. We will also be learning how to use relative clauses and the correct punctuation associated with this.

In maths we will focus on building a secure understanding of our place value in numbers to a million. This will include being able to read, write, order and compare numbers as well as being able to round them. Following this, we will be looking at addition and subtraction, solving multi step problems in context, deciding which operations to use and why. There will be an emphasis on reasoning and problem solving throughout. 

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For more information about the routines in Year 5, please read our Parents' meeting presentation.


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