Maple Class

Welcome to Maple Class

Our Class teacher is Mrs McKenzie and our teaching assistant is Mrs Abbot. Mrs Collins will also be working with us as a key worker during the mornings.

Term 1

Welcome to Year 5, we hope you all had a fantastic Summer holiday and we can't wait to start working together! 

We will be starting the year with a geographical enquiry focusing on physical geography. We will be answering three big questions-

  • Where in the World?
  • What are the human and physical features of a mountain?
  • Do humans have a positive or negative impact on the environment?

Our English this term will be linked with our enquiry and we will be using a video linked with mountains to inspire our writing. We will be particularly focusing on our sentence structures as well as our use of adverbials and a range of punctuation. We will also be focusing on our handwriting to help us develop our own handwriting style. Our class text for this term is "When the Mountains Roared" written by Jess Butterworth.

In maths we will focus on building a secure understanding of our place value in numbers to a million. This will include being able to read, write, order and compare numbers as well as being able to round them. Following this, we will be looking at addition and subtraction, solving multi step problems in context including deciding which operations to use and why. Throughout this, there will be an emphasis on reasoning and problem solving. We will also continue to revise our quick recall of multiplication and division facts.

When we have completed our geographical enquiry, we will be looking at two religious enquiries-

  • Why do some people believe God exists?
  • If God is everywhere, why go to a place of worship?

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