What did we learn in Year 4?

Term 4

We have had a busy term completing two different enquiries, the first being 'What do Egyptian artefacts really teach us about the ancient Egyptians?' 

​Although we started learning about this enquiry at home, it was great to finish it off in school together. The enthusiasm for learning about this was amazing and we were all shocked to find out that some people raided tombs for their own benefit! It was really interesting to see some of the different artefacts.

We used our inference skills to discuss why each of these artefacts would have been used and what that told us about the type of people the Egyptians were and what their live would have been like. We thought they would enjoy their lives but there were also things to be scared of. 

We also read about the mummification process from a non-fiction book. It was decided that removing the brain and organs of a person is disgusting. However, that didn't stop many of us saying we would want to be mummified too. Thankfully, we were allowed to practise our mummification skills on a tomato and not a person, but we are ready if needed! 

We then looked at the enquiry 'How are living things classified?', ​which was a science based enquiry. We reminded ourselves of the seven things which determine if something is living and then learned about the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates. We even went searching for some invertebrates in the school grounds!

We finished our enquiry by thinking about how changes in the environment can be harmful to some living things, but thankfully can also be beneficial. Take a look at our work for this enquiry on Seesaw. 

The Hodgeheg was used to help us write an adventure story about some animals too. Incredible effort was put into our stories and including many of the different writing tools we have learned this year so far. ​

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