Oak Class

Welcome to Oak Class

Our Class teacher is Miss Heard and our teaching assistants are Mrs Bowles and Miss Munday. 

Term 1

During your child’s first term at Senacre Wood Primary School, our priority is ensuring that they settle happily into school life. We encourage them to explore their environment, trying out new activities. In Oak class, we pride ourselves on getting to know the interests and likes of the children; thus positive relationships are formed early on within the term. As the term goes on, there will be lots of encouragement to become increasingly independent, as managing our own needs is an important area too.

At Senacre Wood Primary School, the love of reading is explored from an early age. In Oak class, we will be sharing key texts and stories together, including favourites such as The Gruffalo and The Tiger Who Came to Tea. In this first term, we will be supporting your child to develop early reading skills, including handling and choosing books, reading the illustrations and retelling their favourite stories. We will also be playing a wide range of phonics and listening games, giving your child the best start in developing their phonological awareness.

Throughout this term, your child will have many opportunities to develop their fine motor skills, through a range of mark making, threading and pegging! We will also begin to explore our bodies, thinking about the different ways of moving around safely and confidently.  

Your child’s mathematical knowledge will be celebrated through Child Initiated, where we will be using a variety of resources to enhance your child’s Number knowledge. As well as spending time learning about all things number, we will be thinking about sorting and creating patterns with objects and shapes. 


Term 2

We started the term by finding out what your child/ children got up to in the October half term, by sharing our experiences and memories from the week. Our terms enquiry was introduced through the text Pumpkin Soup, where we explored all things pumpkins! 

One of our memorable experiences this term is trying a range of fruit and vegetables, including avocado and beetroot. This will help your child to understand how food gets onto their plates.

As we quickly settled back into our weekly routines, we explored Firework Night with our Art teacher, Mrs Clarkson who helped us to make colourful firework pictures! Our Art lessons help us to learn new skills such as using a range of tools which we can apply independently our Child-Initiated time. After sharing our firework pictures with Miss Heard, we then made rockets out of 2D shapes.

In Phonics and Literacy, we are working through the sounds we need to learn. These sounds can be found on Seesaw. We are always encouraging the children to look out for sounds in the environment, and listen carefully to the initial sounds in words (m for Mummy). Our learning about food and celebrations will be explored through a range of texts, including If a T- Rex Crashes your Birthday!

This term, your child/ children are thinking about celebrations and traditions around the world, including Diwali. We will be learning about the story of Rama and Sita, and will be exploring Indian music and dance in our music and P.E. lessons. As it creeps closer to December, our learning will focus on all things Christmas. As a class, we will be thinking about the Christmas traditions we have at home, as well as the Christmas Story. 

Term 4

As the signs of spring started to show, we warmly welcomed back Oak class after a difficult winter. After settling back in to our environment and catching up with our peers, we got stuck in with this term’s enquiry: Spring Growth. We recapped the stories about growth Jack and the Beanstalk and The Enormous Turnip as well as starting to learn about our own bean seeds. We discussed what we would need to do to look after our bean seeds. The responsibility of looking after our beans helps us to take care and look after living things.

As the term goes on and our bean seeds start to (hopefully) grow, we will focus our English learning on recording their growth and making observations – we will be checking in on our beans progress on a daily basis! This will encourage us to make comparisons and discuss similarities and differences with our peers. We will also be spending a lot of time in our Child-Initiated and Teacher- Directed answering questions about Spring, and the changes in our environment, such as flowering seeds and a change in weather.

Our focus in Maths will be the composition of numbers up to 10 – thinking about what numbers are made up of. We will recap our number bonds, and practise taking away and adding on, through practical activities. We will also be getting to know the numbers that come after 10.

We are very lucky in Oak class to have Mrs Cripps and Connie, who help us with our Music and Physical Development. We play a variety of interactive and hands- on music games with Mrs Cripps, exploring and engaging in different kinds of music making. Connie helps us to develop our overall body-strength, balance, co-ordination and agility. ​

Term 5

This term, Oak class are getting to know all creatures great and small! Our enquiry, Minibeasts, will help us to understand the importance of caring for the natural environment and all living things. We will be keeping an eye out for our creepy crawly friends when in our outdoor classroom!

In our English, we will be exploring a range of core texts, including a selection of Eric Carle’s well known stories, such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Bad- Tempered Ladybird – these will encourage independent writing, alongside lots of homely writing prompts in our ‘work from home’ home corner!

In our Maths learning, our number focus will be the composition of numbers, deepening our understanding of how amounts are made up of numbers. This will help us when exploring the one more and one less relationship of numbers. This term, we will also be challenging our ability to spot, repeat, create and correct patterns.

In Music, Oak class will continue to learn and sing songs, experimenting with pitch and melody. We are also beginning to experiment with different instruments, exploring volume and tempo. Using and choosing from a range of materials and tools, we will start to plan and develop our own ideas when thinking about what wonderful creations to make in our child-initiated time. During our carpet times, we are trying our best to be a respectful audience; listening carefully to everyone’s ideas and experiences. This will help us to express our own ideas clearly, speaking in well-formed sentences.

Our physical skills are becoming more advanced as we become increasingly independent with managing ourselves, carrying and putting objects away and using everyday tools. We are also getting very brave when climbing, balancing and jumping off our outdoor apparatuses!

Here is our timetable for Term 5.

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