Oak Class

Welcome to Oak Class

Our Class teacher is Miss Heard and our teaching assistants are Mrs Bowles and Mrs Smith. 

Term 1

Our enquiry this term, ‘What makes me, “me”?’ provides opportunity for the children to settle first and foremost into school life, before sharing information about themselves, their families and their friends. We are paying particular attention to the prime areas, which include: Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Communication and Language.  Small group work, circle times and activities such as self and family portraits in Child Initiated allow the children to talk about the similarities and differences between themselves and others. We will be learning to celebrate our differences through this enquiry. We will also be exploring the body and our five senses, the importance of our skeleton and how to keep our body healthy. 


English – In English the children are encouraged through Morning Activities to recognise and write their name, and to develop their fine motor skills. Through taking home reading books for the first time the children are developing their awareness of print and illustrations in stories, learning to make predictions and comment on they see/hear/read. In Oak Class we are beginning to recognise initial sounds, and in child initiated sessions the children have been introduced to writing for a purpose; linking sounds to letters. We will be talking about what we are good at and what we can do now that we couldn’t as a baby. This will lead us to sentence building, starting with the words ‘I can’.


Maths - In Maths we have been focusing on numerals that are familiar to us. Through singing and games we have been practising to order these, counting forwards and backwards. We have enjoyed using natural resources to support our counting, numeral recognition, and forming of numbers. We will be working together to form a whole class number line! To put counting into a context and to relate it to our enquiry we will also be carrying out our own surveys and having a  go at measuring our friends using handprints,  using language such as ‘more’ or ‘less’, ‘bigger’ or ‘smaller’, ‘taller’ or ‘shorter’.


Term 2

Our enquiry this term is: What do I celebrate at home? Oak Class will be exploring the different celebrations that take place at this time of year. We will focus on food and how it is central to lots of celebrations. Through this enquiry we will initially explore locally grown crops; what is seasonal and how it is harvested. This will lead us to discuss Halloween as a celebration and the focus on pumpkins for decoration and eating. We will be making pumpkin soup and eating this together as a class, learning about food preparation. We will then be thinking about some of the traditions around Bonfire Night. Fireworks will feature in our Maths and Literacy learning; we will be exploring the noises they make when labelling our artwork and developing our  2D/3D shape knowledge when making rockets! This will lead us up to our learning around the celebration of Diwali, the Festival of Light, which took place at the end of October. At the heart of this festival, as symbolised by the importance of lights, is the triumph of goodness. The story of Rama and Sita will be shared and Indian dancing will form the basis of our PE. We will explore birthdays with a focus on number in Maths, and of course Christmas and New Years celebrations towards the end of the term. 
Throughout this enquiry we will be thinking about what we celebrate individually and why? To this end we will be thinking about our family traditions; what they look like, and our favourite foods from these celebrations! 


Term 3

Our enquiry this term will be on Traditional Tales, which date back from the 1800s. Oak Class will be looking at key texts such as ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and ‘The Three Little Pigs’. Mischievous characters will feature in our Maths and English learning! We will apply our wide breadth of Mathematical knowledge to the stories, as well as practising our addition in Number. Oak Class will continue to build upon their Writing skills, by labelling and writing short sentences about the stories we will be sharing in class. We will be comparing different versions of the texts, and thinking about how we could mix up the Traditional Tales by giving them a different ending! Oak Class will transform into budding actors, bringing drama and music into our enquiry.

We are very excited about how far your child has come on their Learning Journey since September, and we look forward to watching them continue to grow as the year goes on.


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