What did we learn in Year 2?

Term 1

In term 1, we learnt lots about flying machines! We started off by learning about one of the first flying machines - the hot air balloon. Then we moved on to different types of aircraft like the Wright brother's invention of the first aeroplane.

We also carried out some research and found out about brave pioneers like Amelia Earhart and for our homework, many of us found out information about a local hero called Lillian Bland who is thought to be the first woman to have designed, built and flown her own aeroplane!

At the end of the enquiry, we designed and built our own models of aeroplanes paying particularly close attention to the design of our aeroplane's wings and fuselage. 


Term 4

This term started off with home learning on Seesaw for the first few weeks and then we continued our enquiry for another three weeks at school. During this time, we learnt so much about our scientific enquiry which was all about habitats around the world.

We found out about the different types of animals that might live in these following habitats:

Polar, woodland, rainforest, coastal, ocean, desert and pond habitats. We also explored microhabitats around the school and we tried to find as many minibeasts as we could with causing too much disturbance!

We thought about how and why some animals are able to survive in particular habitats. We also created simple food chains. This helped us to think about how some food chains are quite delicate and why we need to look after the world's habitats.

The final habitat that we studied was a pond habitat. To do this we created our own 'ponds' using lime jelly to represent the water with lots of algae. We threw in some jelly minibeasts to it too! 

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