What did we learn in Year 5?

Term 1

On Thursday 12th September we started our historical enquiry with an Ancient Greek theme day. Many of the class dressed up in an Ancient Greek outfit and we carried out lots of different activities to find out about what life was like.

Throughout the day we learnt about: democracy, the Greek alphabet, Greek theatre and Ancient Greek Olympics.

We also had the opportunity to try different Greek foods including: Feta cheese, olives, houmous, figs and honey.

Throughout the rest of the term, we enjoyed learning about what life was like during Ancient Greek times. We particularly enjoyed deciding if we would have rather lived in Athens or Sparta. We also learnt about the legacies of the Ancient Greeks.

Term 2

This term, we have been learning about the Earth, Sun and Moon.

During our English lessons, we created non-chronological reports about a make believe moon, Pandora. Here are some examples of our work:


We also entered a writing competition where we had to write a mini saga in 100 words- this turned out to be trickier than we thought! All of the stories have been entered and we will find out in the new year if any of them will be published!

At the end of the term, we wrote newspaper reports based around our work on the big question- Are we alone? We researched alien news stories and then created our own fictitious newspaper stories.

"My favourite writing activity was the newspapers because we got to answer the big question- Are we alone?" Macey


Whilst learning about the Earth, Sun and Moon, we were developing our scientific understanding. We created role models of how we get day and night and learnt about the size and distances of the planets by creating scale models. 

At the end of the term we had to use everything we had learnt to help us answer the big question, "The sun, earth and moon, which is the odd one out?"

"I liked the little bit of geographical enquiry because I learnt about Meridian lines." Syrus

"I was excited when I found out we would be learning about new planets. I liked the enquiry because before I didn't know much about the Earth, Sun and Moon, and now I know alot!" Alexis

"I liked the enquiry because it was exciting. Never have I more wanted to go to school to learn more!" Oliver

During term 2, we also enjoyed PE sessions which were delivered by Kickstart. We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to develop our football skills.

Here is what Maple class had to say about KickStart-

"It was very fun because they taught us how to dribble and do stretches." Connor E

"I enjoyed KickStart because it got us moving and I liked the football activities." Henry

"I enjoyed the warm ups and playing fun games." Jade

Term 3

This term, we have had a fantastic term learning about Mountains. We learnt about where mountains were, how Mountains were formed, as well as the physical and human features of mountains. We used all of this knowledge to help us answer the big question- Why are Mountains important? 


This term we also had a fantastic time out at Forest school. We had the opportunity to complete a range of activities including den building, painting with charcoal, making our own God's eye and starting fires.

"I really liked building the dens and climbing all the trees." - Lennon

"I loved hot chocolate, the marshmallows and the trees!"- Henry


Term 4

At the start of Term 4, we received some post! Back in July, we wrote letters to our future selves. Six moths latter, it was finally time for us to read our letters.

Here are some of our thoughts when we first opened the letter:

"I can barely read it!" - Henry and Oliver
"I spelt my brothers name wrong!" - Annie
"Why did I ask how the new house was?" -Summer

We used the letters to look at how much our writing had improved. Some of us also realised small things that we had let slip! Finally, we set ourselves small targets to try to achieve next week and by the end of term. We will let you know how we get on!

We are very lucky to have continued with Kickstart. This term, we are focusing on dodgeball.

"We really enjoy dodgeball because we like playing the matches and all lessons are given in an enjoyable way." - Nyall and Ryan

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