What have we been learning?

Term 1

We have had a really exciting start to the term in year 6!

On Thursday 6th September we had our Music @ Malling workshop. We learned how to follow a conductor; how to compose music and lyrics and how to perform a piece in time to the beat.

Tuesday 10th September saw us roaming around the woods with Hazel and Kimber from Forest School. We learnt team building and problem solving skills and we can't wait to go again next week!

On Tuesday 17th September we went to West Malling Church for our Music @ Malling concert. The children enjoyed listening to a professional orchestra and performing their own music with 3 other schools.

On Thursday 2nd October we had our fantastic trip to Down House. The children learned a lit from it including where Charles Darwin did his amazing experiments, what his life and family were like and they even got to do their own experiment to find out how finches have adapted- ask year 6 to explain this to you!

During the last week of term we have been lucky enough to have a workshop from the Fire Service called Restart the Heart. The children were able to practise chest compressions on the dummies, ut each other into the recovery position and were even shown what to do if anyone needed to use the defibrillator.

We have also been having a debate about whether Darwin's theory of evolution is compatible with Christian teachings and perfoming some abstract poetry. 

Phew! What a busy term! We're looking forward to term 2, make sure you all have a restful holiday!

Term 2

Term 2 was another busy term!

We had a visit from journalist Simon Finaly from the Downs Mail who told us all about how to write a newspaper article and showed us how to do shorthand. This really helped us to write our own newspaper articles.

We were able to answer our big question How safe is your route to school? We did lots of investigation around the local area, asked questions of members of the public, did traffic surveys and researched the number of traffic accidents. We came to the conclusion that while our routes to school were relatively safe, there were some improvements we could put into place and that the council could help with as well. We are now going to use this information to think about how our routes to secondary school can be made safe once we find out where we are going.

We burglar-alarmed the cupboards (with limited success) as part of our scientific enquiry. We found that it was quite difficult to make a buzzer sound when you opened a cupboard but we showed great perseverance trying!

We studied Macbeth in English. We all loved the grisly parts and we had lots of fun role playing the different characters, creating a battlefield scene and writing spells. Be sure to look at our display when you come in to parents' evening in term 3.

Term 3 will be another busy term with lots to look forward to!


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