What did we learn in Year 2?

Term 1

The children have explored the history of flight through images, video clips, non-fiction texts and fact files. We learnt about the aeroplane, the ‘Flyer’, the Wright brothers built and flew. To help us imagine the size and shape of the first aeroplane, we mapped out the size of the aeroplane on the playground and thought about where the pilot would have sat and where the controls would have been. The ‘Flyer’s’ first flight lasted 12 seconds and travelled a distance of 37 metres. Beech class’ challenge…could they run 37 metres in less than 12 seconds?! Check out the photos to see Beech class in action!


Term 2

We started the term off by thinking about what we knew already about castles and what we wanted to find out.     

We looked at some photos and key words and came up with some questions…

• What is a portcullis?

• How do you open the doors?

• What is a battlement?

• When were castles first built?

Our aim was to answer these questions alongside our big question,

‘How can I protect my kingdom?’.


We learnt about the different jobs people would have had when living and working in a castle.

Eva – I would have liked to have been a servant because I can look after all the children when there is a battle!

Layla - I would have liked to have been a priest because I would like to sing all the songs.

James - I would have liked to have been a knight because I would like to ride a horse.


We had a fantastic day at Leeds Castle! We were able to spot many of the features we had been exploring in class and it was great to see them in real life! When we came back to school, we wrote a recount of our day describing the features we had found.


At the end of term, the class were split into two groups. One group had to create a plan to attack a castle and the other group had to create a plan as to how they would defend their castle from attackers.

Archie – I told the servants to make lots of food for the siege! I called the soldiers and the knights and asked them to get some hot water to pour down the murder holes!

Oscar – I looked out from the battlements to see if the enemies were coming. I closed the portcullis so they couldn’t get in!

Frankie - The dark and dingy moat stopped the enemy crossing!

Jack - All of a sudden, a humongous fire ball came crashing down and nearly broke the wall!

Tony – I tried to shoot my arrows through the arrow loops!

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