What have we been learning?

Throughout Term 1, we learnt so much about the Vikings and their invasion of Anglo Saxon Britain. We learnt about one of the first Viking raids on Lindisfarne, Northumberland and then we went on to explore important historical figures such as Alfred the Great and King Athelstan. In our English lessons, we looked at Norse mythology and wrote our own Viking-style myths and sagas.

The homework produced from this term's enquiry was fantastic with a special mention to all of those who put in so much effort to create their own Viking longships! Towards the end of the enquiry, we created our own Viking war cry which was based upon the Viking Thunderclap; this can be seen in the Picture! If you're not sure what the Viking thunder clap is, I'm sure a member of Willow class will be happy to show you as we had a great time practising it!

Finally, we ended the term by answering our own enquiry: "Vikings: Explorers or Villains?"

Overall, most of us thought that the Vikings were villainous, however, some of the class thought that the Vikings were explorers looking for a land where they could settle and thrive with their own families. 

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