Girls Football Tournament - October 2018

On 8th October, a team of Year 5 and 6 girls travelled to the K Sports ground to take part in their first competitive opportunity of the year. There were mixed fortunes: cheers of joy and tears of bitter disappointment. All were a credit to the school, demonstrating passion, belief, team work and determination. You can tell this is written by a proud teacher, but what about the girls? Read on to find out how they felt about the tournament.


Ella played for the first time on the girls football team, playing well in an attacking position.

On Monday 8th of October, a group of girls from Senacre (including me!) went to a football tournament! We didn’t win, however we all had so much fun and wish to go again!

Firstly, we were collected from our classes and changed into our football kits. We then waited in the office for our parents to collect us.

Once we got there, we all met up and had a practice. As we messed around having fun practicing, other schools arrived ready to play.

Eventually, all the schools arrived and we began to play! We watched the players zoom across the pitch and also did so ourselves. Scoring and defending goals, cheering, laughing; a never ending world of fun!

During our last game, Charlotte zoomed across the pitch dodging everyone in her way, our parents cheered passionately as the ball shot IN THE GOAL! We were even more delighted when Mary shot the ball in again! Unfortunately, towards the end, we let in two goals and ended up drawing with the other team, however, we still enjoyed it and wish to go back soon.

Thank you Mrs Knight, for being such a lovely, supportive football coach, and for taking us, we hope we did you proud! I hope we can go back soon!

Summer played in goal for the first 4 matches, then played on the pitch for our final game.

First, Senacre played Greenfields, it was a great effort for both teams they were so quick, but Greenfields scored 1-0. Senacre lost, oh no! How would you feel if you lost?

Next, Senacre V Allington. This game we lost, we did do well but they were too strong. I was in goal. They won 3-0. Would you be nervous?

Molehill V Senacre: they were as strong as each other, but no one gave up. It was such a hard game that it ended up 0-0. That was the same score as Madgingford V Senacre.

Finally, Hollingbourne V Senacre. I came out on the pitch. Straightaway we scored 1-0, yay! Mary scored from a free kick, but then they scored, but luckily for us, Charlotte slid the ball in the goal, well done Charlotte! But it finished 2-2, what a good tournament.

Raztsvet plays well in a more attacking position, upfront or midfield.

On the 8th October 2018, Senacre Wood’s girls’ football team set off to Ditton for another exciting day at a football tournament. So that the exciting part could happen, everyone was provided some transport to the football pitches.

When everyone got there, they started practicing so they could warm up as it was a very cold day.

Senacre Wood’s footballers had a very unlucky first two matches against Greenfields and Allington, but then they encouraged each other and worked harder than ever. In the third match, they did not score a goal, but kept it even. By the forth match, they were very tired but still carried on and did their best. Then they had a two match break which was fourteen minutes, as every game was seven minutes. The final match started off really well because they scored two goals! But then they let two in so it was a draw like the last three matches.

Afterwards, when the pitches were clear, they had another match between them as some of the parents weren’t there yet. When they were all out of breath, everyone got their belongings and went home with their transport which they came with.

They had a very fun day and tried their best!!!

Tiiana played for the first time in the school football team, fitting in happily to a defensive role and even going in goal for a match.

Our first match was against Greenfields, it was so exciting. Summer was the goalie. I didn’t know what it was like because I was off for this game, but we played amazingly. Summer was amazing but she let in one goal.

We had our second match. We were nervous. We played against Allington – they were really good. I was on and I was a defender. I was really proud of myself for saving a goal. Unfortunately Summer let in 3 goals, but she shouldn’t beat herself up – she went out better and stronger.

It was Molehill next with two more games left after. It was intense and my team was really good. We didn’t let any goals in but we didn’t score any either – we played really well.

Our fourth game in and we were against Madginford. It was nerve-wracking. Everyone was really good, especially Mary – at the last second, Mary scored! But the whistle blew at the same time. It was really hard to take in. But to make it better we had a Jaffa Cake, and it kind of made it better.

It was our last game and we played against Hollingbourne. I was in goal, I was so nervous. I felt I could never forgive myself because I let in two goals and I knew I could do better. But Mary and Charlotte scored meaning my whole team was so happy.

We didn’t make it to the finals, but at least we had fun.

Ociana is developing her skills well in both attacking and defensive positions.

On Monday 8th October, as Senacre Wood Girls Football team, we had a match with Greenfields it was 1-0, then we had Allington 3-0. After this was Molehill 0-0 as well as Madginford at 0-0 but we scored 1! Unfortunately it did not count, but we all felt it should have done. Hollingbourne result was 2-2 as Mary and Charlotte brought it home. It was a very amazing day.

Mary was our top female goal scorer last season, and is already top of the new leader board for this year.

On the 8th of October, some of the girls from Years 5 and 6 went to the girls football tournament. Our first two games in a row we lost, then we drew three times. But one of the matches we scored on the whistle – I was so disappointed that the ref didn’t count my amazing goal. I scored in the next match though, and so did Charlotte. Us girls had so much fun and we think we finished in 5th place or 4th.

Charlotte played well defensively, but also in attacking positions, scoring her first goal for the school!

I really enjoyed the football tournament. I scored one goal (yay!) The first game against Greenfields was really hard. Summer was our keeper for the first four games. Summer was a really good keeper. I think that I was really good in defence. Tiiana was a keeper too - she was also good in goal. I really enjoyed it. I think everybody else did too. I would really like to go again.

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