Christmas Cake Cooking Club - Week 1

During our first cookery club session, we mixed up the fruit which will soak in orange juice for the next week to make it taste extra yummy when cooked. Then we lined all the mini tins ready for next week when we will make the mixture ready for the ovens. We are really looking forward to trying our yummy cakes and we haven't even baked them yet.


Here is the recipe we are following so far:

200g glace cherries (rinsed and chopped)

500g mixed dried fruit

500g sultanas

zest of one orange

200ml orange juice

Put the cherries, fruit and zest in a bowl with the orange juice. Mix, then soak, at least overnight.

Skills we used: rinsing, chopping, measuring (weight and liquid), using a zester, greasing and lining very small tins. Lots of the ingredients smelt lovely and we wanted to eat and drink them already!

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