Christmas Cake Cooking Club - Week 3

Today's challenge involved covering our beautifully baked Christmas cakes with marzipan. Check out our deliciously baked cakes! (Thank you again, Mrs Heard).

Initially, we had to remove the cakes from the tin and unwrap them, which did prove to be a little tricky! We got there in the end, with 25 beautiful mini Christmas cakes. 

Mrs Knight then showed us how we could marzipan our cakes, by wrapping a rectangle around the sides, with a circle on the top. We were also shown an alternative method using just one piece of marzipan. It was all stuck down with heated apricot jam which we brushed on with a pastry brush.

With the Christmas music on, we got to work. Some of us found it tricky as the marzipan stuck to the work surface, but that was if we pressed too hard with the rolling pin, or forgot to dust our work surface with icing sugar. We tried to roll the marzipan thinly, which meant is sometimes broke. The last few only had marzipan tops as there wasn’t enough to cover them all.

It also meant we had a few ‘spare’ uncovered cakes, so we got to take them home and sample them – lovely!

Skills we used: unwrapping, rolling, measuring, cutting, trimming, sieving, brushing, using cutters, smoothing.

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