Christmas Cake Cooking Club - Week 5

Today was the time to cover our cakes in yummy white icing. Mrs Knight showed us first before we had a turn. We sieved some icing sugar onto the surface, shaped the icing into a flat circle and began rolling it out. We had to be really careful that it didn't stick to the table! When it was about the right size, we brushed the marzipan covered cakes with water and draped the icing over the top. The tricky bit was then smoothing the icing over the cake and down the sides. We had to be really gentle. Sometimes the icing tore a little, but we did our best to patch it up and smooth it over. We managed to get all the cakes iced and made a start on the washing up and tidying before home time. 

Now to plan and finalise the designs for next week, the really exciting part begins!

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