Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium was introduced by the Department for Education (DfE) in 2011. It is additional funding for pupils who receive Free School Meals, have been looked after (in the care of the Local Authority) continuously for six months, have parents who are currently employed by the Armed Forces or for children who are adopted.

This is because the DfE have recognised that good education is the key to improving young people’s life chances. The Pupil Premium, using additional resources from outside the school’s budget, is intended to address the current inequalities by ensuring that funding reaches the pupils who need it most. The DfE have stated that schools have the right to spend this funding as they see fit based upon their knowledge of pupils’ needs.

At Senacre Wood Primary School we rigorously monitor and track all pupils which helps us to identify any pupils who are at risk of not making sufficient progress and this has helped us to plan and implement good intervention strategies. All members of staff and Governors are committed to accelerating the progress of pupils entitled to the Pupil Premium funding. As a result, our School Improvement Plan includes clear systems to ensure that additional funding will impact on children entitled to getting Pupil Premium.


2013-2014: Pupil Premium funding: £56,700

2014-2015: Pupil Premium funding: £83,992

2015-2016: Pupil Premium funding: £84,492

2016-2017: Pupil Premium funding: £89,620

2017-2018: Pupil Premium funding: £75,101

2018-2019: Pupil Premium funding: £70,860

2019-2020: Pupil Premium funding: £71,880

2020-2021: Pupil Premium funding: £74,905

2021-2022: Pupil Premium funding: £79,595

2021-2022: Strategy Statement under development




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