At Senacre Wood Primary School, we aim to provide an environment where children can learn to communicate efficiently, effectively and with enjoyment through spoken and written English. In support of our aims, English is taught every day in each classroom. We want to develop real speakers and writers who record and perform for a purpose and an audience. Our learners will edit, revise and redraft their work like true authors and actors with our support and guidance. Their work is often published professionally through the use of competitions, websites and blogs. We will build on your child's existing skills and develop them in partnership with you by encouraging independent home learning that re-enforces what is being taught in the classroom.


Developing a Love of Reading.

Every opportunity is taken, from the time your child enters school, to expose them to an attractive and stimulating array of books to develop a love and enthusiasm for reading. Your child should come to enjoy reading for its own sake, and to turn willingly to books as sources of pleasure and information. For this reason we use a carefully graded system, Read Write Inc, which incorporates both reading schemes and children’s modern and classic literature. This enables us to provide a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction books at each level of development and also to give your child access to well-written text that stimulate their interest and encourage the reading habit. Children are encouraged to read online too, as well as accessing different genres and texts types to broaden their understanding of how language can be used in different formats.


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