At Senacre Wood Primary School, we aim to provide our pupils with the opportunity to gain fundamental life skills that will enable our pupils to embrace, enjoy and utilise a range of technology in our modern-day world. We intend to integrate technology within all areas of the curriculum through targeted, well-planned lessons in both core and foundation subjects.

Computing at Senacre Wood is broken down into six areas of skill-based development; generic skills, e-safety, technology in our lives, programming, multimedia and handling data. These areas are taught progressively each year, so that all students can develop transferable computing skills by the end of KS2.


The school believes that IT, computer science and digital literacy:

  • Are essential life skills necessary to fully participate in the modern digital world.
  • Allows children to become creators of digital content rather than simply consumers of it.
  • Provides access to a rich and varied source of information and content.
  • Communicates and presents information in new ways, which helps pupils understand, access and use it more readily.
  • Can motivate and enthuse pupils.
  • Offers opportunities for communication and collaboration through group working.
  • Has the flexibility to meet the individual needs and abilities of each pupil.
  • Enables children to feel competent, confident and creative when using information and communication technology.
  • Enables children to become responsible users of information and communication technology, showing an understanding of how to stay safe online, including what to do if they feel something is not appropriate.

For details of how we implement this within our school and how we measure the impact, please read our Computing policy.